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February 28, 2018
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March 31, 2018
Marblehead Walleye Fishing Charter

Marblehead Ohio Walleye Charter

Are you looking to book a guided fishing trip but don’t know where to begin?  Some may suggest starting with a simple internet search for guides in the area that you want to fish.  While that is a good start for some, others may not know the exact area or even what species they want to fish for.  If you are unfamiliar with the location that will be your vacation destination, how will you know the best time to visit or what the expected catch of the day could be?


Our area of Lake Erie is known as the Walleye Capitol of the world, and after one trip with us it won’t be hard to understand why.  We fish out of Marblehead, Ohio which is a prime location for the majority of the year as fish migrate on their annual pilgrimage to the spawning grounds in the spring and then back through towards the cooler waters of the Central and Eastern Basins of Lake Erie in the late summer months.  We are fortunate that in the fall we receive another pulse of fish coming back to their winter staging grounds as well.  The area is filled with structure in the form of rocks, depth changes and old channels; this holds food for the Walleye and Yellow Perch all season long.  While the majority of the Walleye population does migrate, a very large number of resident fish offer quality days within a few miles of the marina.  The migration of fish is ever changing and can take most of the summer only to have some of the early travelers making their way back by September.  The western basin offers great Walleye fishing all season long as new schools of fish are always passing through the Lake Erie Islands.


While all that information is very valuable it may not answer your questions of which guide to choose; since we have narrowed down the location to visiting Marblehead, Ohio let’s look at how to choose the right guide for you.  There are many quality Lake Erie Charter Captains available to choose from and the list may seem to go on forever, however, with about 700 registered guides in Ohio we can help you eliminate some based on your preferences.  The goal is to select a Captain that will accommodate your needs and meet the expectations for your fishing experience.  I always suggest to start with things that are a must for you, it can be a long hot day on the lake with the sun reflecting off the water’s surface, a top covering on the boat will provide you with some comfort and shade.  If anyone in your group prefers a private bathroom then that should be at the top of your list, while you may think using a bucket is perfectly acceptable others in your group may not share the same belief.  The benefits of a private bathroom cannot be explained until you are the one that needs it.  Some of the other things that may be on your mind is the size of the fishing vessel, if your group is more than a few people fishing on a large vessel such as our 30’ Sportcraft Great Lakes Special you won’t be cramped for space and comfort.  The type of fishing you prefer should also be on your list of questions to the prospective Captain; jigging, drifting and trolling are the methods we use for walleye on Lake Erie.  All have their merits and can be great ways to catch fish depending on season and water conditions.  Your choice for Captain should be honest with you and offer you an explanation for all options.

We offer Lake Erie Fishing Charters for Walleye or Perch up to 6 passengers, we can fish for them in any method that you prefer, will give you an up to date report of best methods being used at the time, provide all necessary equipment, offer a large fishing vessel in our 30’ Sportcraft GLS Hardtop with a private bathroom and all safety equipment.  While many Charters are available, the services we provide to our clients is the best in our opinion, based on our repeat clients and great reviews we think they feel the same.  We hope that you choose us for your next family vacation or destination fishing trip.  If you have any questions please give us a call.


Hope to see you out there

Captain Jerod