End of year fishing report

Lake Erie Charter Fishing Report
September 24, 2017
Lake Erie Fishing Report
January 8, 2018
Lake Erie fishing

Lake Erie Charter trips

What a great season it was, the 2017 Lake Erie fishing ended with a bang, most days limits of Walleye were caught on just about every charter trip we ran.  The fishing was a good prediction of what the next few years hold in store for our clients.  The trolling bite carried us from September until we pulled the boat for winter storage.  The fishing was still great right up until the ice has started to arrive for anyone willing to brave the cold days or nights out there.  We were able to catch Walleye from April through October both casting and trolling, the Yellow Perch bit was very inconsistent for us but we managed some really good days, all in all the fishing was some of the best that Lake Erie has offered in the past decade.

Our season’s recap of numbers is as follows; Lake Erie Charter trips fishing sent our clients home with over 600 Walleye and several hundred sub-legal’s that were placed back for the 2018 season.  We were able to fill freezers for clients that preferred Lake Erie Yellow Perch with 1700.  We are more than just a charter that focuses on numbers though, this year we retained several clients from the past season and gained a bunch of new ones too, for those that have fished with me know that this is the main reason why I Charter.  These clients have become close friends with me and know how much they mean to me.  I hope that you can become part of the Old Lakeshore Fishing family as you visit Marblehead, Ohio and take home some great memories from Lake Erie.  Thank you to everyone and looking forward to what the 2018 fishing season has to offer.

We hope to see you next season

Captain Jerod