Lake Erie Walleye Charter

Lake Erie Trophy Walleye
April 16, 2019
Walleye Charter Fishing
May 25, 2019

Big Waves

With the dismal weather we had in April, I was more than excited to begin Lake Erie Walleye Charter trips in May. Typically May will bring some stable weather and better fishing follows.  The winds blew hard out of the North East the night before causing some flooding of the marina, and some big rollers as we made our way out of the Channel.


Leaving the Marblehead area we nosed the boat into the waves and pushed through them to our fishing location for the day. The heavy winds stirred the lake up once again and finding clean water was the key to success.  During the spring fishing this year our most successful Lake Erie Walleye Charters have come when we would focus on working one small group of active fish.  We worked a small area all day with Bandit Crankbaits at 70-90 back.  It took a lot of variations to trigger strikes from these lethargic Walleye, speed and direction of travel for the boat was paramount for our success today.  Several of our fish came after making hard right and left turns to increase or decrease the speed of the crankbaits.

Lake Erie Charter

I met a few new clients today for our walk on charter; Andrew and Craig both did a great job on the boat, and running the gear. It was a very stress free day for me as the Captain since they picked up the system so quickly. We managed to catch the 4 man limit for the day of 24 Lake Erie Walleye and lost 3 of the Captains fish during the day.  The fishing wasn’t super fast but it was a steady pick as long as I worked the “hotspot” of the day.  With so many others searching for clean water and seeing a net drop has a way of drawing in the crowds.  The boat traffic made it tough to stay exactly on the spot but we managed to work close enough on every pass.