Lake Erie Charter Fishing Report

Lake Erie Fishing Report
September 11, 2017
End of year fishing report
December 13, 2017

The last week of fishing has been as hot as the weather.  We went out on Tuesday for a day of Yellow Perch fishing with some friends.  We left Marblehead and fished right in front of the yellow building owned by Lakeside Yacht.  We got half our limit their which included some really nice 11” perch.  The fishing was steady but since we were looking to spend some time checking a few spots we headed out towards the Canadian line.  We didn’t stay long up on the line because we filled our last 2 tickets pretty quick. We filled our limit of 120 perch that weighed 43 lbs using spreaders and crappie rigs with a goldies/pinhead mix from Hiway Bait.


On Wednesday I took 5 other friends to try and fill their freezers, another great day was in order but not as fast to limit out from the previous day.  We checked a couple spots and were able to add 26 to the cooler before we received a hot tip from a friend.  When we moved to our last location the action was slow, so we let out some more anchor line and it turned on.  We finished the last of our 6 man limit for 60lbs of Lake Erie Yellow Perch using goldies/pinheads from Hiway Bait


On Thursday I had a group of six insurance salesmen that were great perch fishermen.  The day was a late start due to some unforeseen circumstances we left the dock at 10 am.  Our late start didn’t seem to matter much because the fishing was a nice steady pick on the West side of Kelley’s Island.  The guys were out to have a great time relaxing and catching fish, everyone caught a good amount but we fell just a little short of their limits.  The guys had to answer some phone calls from clients because as they explained to me they were really never off work.  When they were on the phone they really weren’t able to fish, but they told me they didn’t care if they missed a few bites. We managed 169 yellow Perch using emerald Shiners from Jeanette’s Bait shop.  It was a very relaxing day for me as I was able to fish and not have to worry about moving around trying to find fish.  The guys had a great time and will be back next season for some more Lake Erie fishing.

I spoke with my Saturday group the night before to get a feel for what they wanted to fish for.  I was happy when they said Walleye because a hot bite had been reported to the East.  They wanted to cast but with a forecast of almost no wind I was able to convince them Trolling would be our best option.  It didn’t take long for them to realize I had talked them into the right thing, before we could get our third rod set a nice Walleye had latched on to our scorpion spoon and they began to reel that fish in the boat.  Most of the morning was a scramble to try and get rods back into the water.  The crew had their limit in less than 2 hours, once we got their 24 we were really able to teach them the system we use and why it works so well.  They were hooked and kept saying that I didn’t disappoint them.  They let me know they were skeptical because they had never trolled before but really enjoyed setting lines, choosing depths and learning how exciting trolling can be when the fishing is on fire.  We ran a program of spoons on 40 tru trips back 55-65 at 2.1 mph.  We also took a few fish on bandits with dipsies #3 setting at 45 and 55 back.  It was one of the best days of fishing we have had this year and our clients have already booked a day next year.  The year is winding down but we still have a few open dates, give us a call to book your Lake Erie Fishing Charter

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