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Lake Erie Fishing Charter
October 4, 2018
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October 4, 2018

Sept 16

We had a Lake Erie Yellow Perch trip scheduled for some repeat clients, but once again with the Perch fishing being very inconsistent I suggested we go after Walleye again.  This group fishes with me early in the season and are always a blast to fish with.  This trip though was a birthday present for one of the guy’s nephews.  He was so excited for this trip but their original day was the 8th and that was the day that high winds from hurricane Florence created a cancellation.  Today was supposed to be another client’s trip but storm damage and flooding where they lived forced them into a cancellation.  We left the dock just before 8 am and once again head East 8 miles to what has been our most consistent fishing location for the year.  As we made the run to where we would be fishing it isn’t hard to understand why the fishing has been so productive at this location.  Huge schools of baitfish and insects have spent their summer months in the waters just off of Cedar Point, creating food for forage and predator fish for months.  This is the second year in a row that fishing has been great in this mud flats area.  We set the rods out with a speed that shows the amount of time this group spends with me; before we had half of the rods out we were already catching fish.  This group is very efficient, has fun and doesn’t create any extra work for me.  They run the gear as good as anyone that fishes with me, and one of the guys in the group is about to start the journey to become a Lake Erie Charter Captain as well.  The same program of Michigan Spoons behind Tru Trip 40 jets and 50 jets did the damage sending this group home with another 32 Lake Erie Walleye.  The fall fishing hasn’t slowed down a bit and we are expecting a very strong finish to the year.

We hope to be your choice for Lake Erie Charter Fishing

Captain Jerod