Lake Erie Fishing Charter

Lake Erie Fishing Charter
March 31, 2018
Marblehead Ohio Walleye Fishing Charters
May 24, 2018

With the safe arrival of our daughter, who was born at the end of April, has brought me back into the Lake Erie Charter Fishing season once again.  The spring was filled with some heavy rain and high winds that have churned up Lake Erie more than most can remember, however April did produce some good catches by those that were able to make their way out to jig or troll.  As the water warmed up and the winds settled down, fishing became very stable around the Marblehead area.  As the days were counting down to our first trip of the year those pesky high winds returned for what one can hope is the last Nor’Easter we will see of the year.  The day before our first trip created mass amounts of flooding as the high water pushed into our Marina and created some very dirty water that resembled chocolate milk.  As I left the Channel and made my way north from Marblehead, Ohio it was clear to me that going north would produce the cleanest water.

Along the way we tried to cast at a few spots in some stained water only to find that our attempt to catch fish close to home was not going to be possible.  As we arrived at Lucy’s point off Middle bass Island we found the clean water we had been searching for all morning held some fish.  Casting for them wasn’t producing even a strike using our custom casting harnesses the decision to switch gears and set up to troll was going to be the only way we would produce some Walleye for the cooler.  As we set a heading and started to develop a program we tried to cover as much of the water column as we could with only four rods per side we spaced them out from 35-100 back on our Tru-Trip Jets with Michigan Stinger spoons.  It didn’t take long to start catching a couple fish, so we started some tweaking of the leads we shortened them down to 35-85 back.  The hot colors of the day would be pinks and purples with a speed of 2.1-2.5 and the best direction was heading east.  The Walleye seemed to be holding tight to the Canadian line and as the day wore on they began to be more active creating a couple doubles and very few lulls in the action.  My crew was made up of 3 previous clients who are always fun to spend the day with and run the trolling system as good as any.  Carl was able to land a nice 25” Lake Erie Walleye and then was quickly topped as the best fish by Mark as he landed a post spawn 29.5” Walleye that he decided to take home and have mounted to reside in his living room as great trophy fish.  We ended the day with Carl, Mark and Matt landed some great fish to take home their limit and I was able to catch mine as well.