Lake Erie Fishing Charter

Marblehead Walleye Fishing Charter
October 4, 2018
Lake Erie Charter
October 4, 2018

Sept 14

The plan for this bachelor party was to do a half day Perch charter, with dismal Yellow Perch fishing going on in the western basin I talked them into going after Walleye instead.  The crew was on a tight time frame and had to have a late start due to work schedules.  Leaving the dock at 9 am and heading East to the Cedar Point area we arrived a little late to the action.  We set gear to troll in an area that has been very good to us since July.  Since this was the first trip I had run after the hurricane came through the week before, I knew fishing would be tough, and that water clarity could be a big issue.  We found that the closer to shore we got, the dirtier the water was and the efforts to catch fish there were futile.  After making a heading change to the North we found cleaner water and a steady pick of Walleye in 40-44 foot of water.  We ran a program of Tru Trip 40 Jets with Michigan Stinger Spoons at a speed of 1.9-2.1 mph, this speed is much slower than the last few weeks and the fish were much more sluggish.  The high winds that pummeled this area a week ago had turned the water upside down changing where the fish were at in the water column and their aggression level towards baits. We managed a nice haul of 16 Lake Erie Walleyes in a short time frame; the fishing was a nice steady pick of eater size fish.

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Captain Jerod