Lake Erie Fishing Charter

Ohio Waterfowl Guide
January 31, 2019
Marblehead Fishing Charter
March 17, 2019

With our launch date just over a month away we are looking forward to being back on Lake Erie.  The motor rebuild we talked about in our last post has been right on schedule with completion nearing and just a few more things to complete before it’s ready to go back on the boat for the charter season.  We have been going over the fishing gear and replacing and repairing some of the equipment during the cold days of winter.  The Walleye fishing is setting up to be another banner year for us and all our clients that book charters during the fishing season.  Our schedule is almost full for the entire summer months with just a few weekdays left.  The fall schedule still has a few prime weekends left open but I anticipate that those will fill quickly as well.  I’m excited to see if the Lake Erie Yellow Perch fishing will improve from last season.  For those that have spent some time chasing perch with me know that we have had some really great days in years past and those seemed to be few and far between last season.  With a couple new fishing techniques that we will be trying this year I am hoping for some improved results during those tough days where the fish just don’t seem to want to bite.  The Walleye fishing is expected to be the same as last season with some nice catches improving in size from last year with a 20-22” average expected for most days.  If you remember not that long ago most of our average catches were fish in the 16” range as that class of fish have continued to gain size we expect some great days of Charter Fishing.

We hope to see you out there.

Captain Jerod