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Marblehead Fishing Charter
October 4, 2018
Ohio Waterfowl Guide
January 31, 2019

As another Ohio winter storm approaches our winter projects have already begun for the upcoming charter season.  The Erie Breeze has been stored for the winter close to Channel Grove Marina like every year; however, this season she is without her engine during the storage time.  We have a plan to restore the Mercruiser engine that was the power house for the boat, by the time we launch the boat for the upcoming Lake Erie Charter season our rebuild will be complete.  I felt that the time was right since the motor was original and to keep up with our maintenance schedule there wasn’t a better time.  Some of the other plans during winter storage season are the typical cleaning, and upgrading a few features to the Erie Breeze.

With the off season about to the halfway point we have already begun repairing and replacing some of the gear used for our Lake Erie Walleye and Yellow Perch trip.  This season is forecasting to be one of the best in recorded history with years of above average Walleye Hatches and the 2018 Walleye Hatch being described as the best ever in recorded history.  Some of the older fishermen will remember the glory day of the 1980’s, when limits were achieved easily and by mostly drift fishing.  One of my favorite ways to fish for Walleye is by casting worm harnesses while drifting along some of the underwater drop-offs and depth contours.  We had a very successful season last year with almost 1200 Lake Erie Walleye sent home to our charter clients with almost every fish being caught near Marblehead Ohio.  It seemed to be very rare that we had to venture more than a few miles from our dock at Channel Grove in Marblehead.  The Yellow Perch fishing was good in July but took a wrong turn for much of the fall season as quantity of catches were few and far between.  I was able to convince most of our clients to opt instead for walleye with some pretty impressive results.  It was an amazing year fishing with all of the amazing clients that I have, most are repeats each year and all are friends.  I look forward to hearing from everyone during the year, sharing stories and talking about all our families.  Stayed tuned for future updates as we continue our off season prep work.

Captain Jerod