Lake Erie Fishing Report

Lake Erie Fishing Report
August 10, 2017
Lake Erie Charter Fishing Report
September 24, 2017

The start of fall came a little early and finally some great days of perch fishing followed.  As summer came to a close, the cool nights at the end of August brought with them some hot fishing action.  We finished our last trip of August with a 5 man limit of Lake Erie Yellow Perch in about 3 hours of fishing.  It was very steady action for everyone on the boat and didn’t take us long to take home 50 pounds of fish to the cleaners.  Our first trip of September kept the action going with a client and Captains limit.  The group was a father and his two sons who were competitive enough to keep the mood light that day.  We took a little longer to get the limits this day but we were back to the dock in time for lunch.  We ended our day with 120 perch going 47 pounds at the cleaners.  This past Saturday was a reschedule from earlier in the season and the group had one request; “please don’t disappoint my son”.  I assured the father that I would do my very best.  I had hopes of finding a place to hide from the North East winds close to Kelley’s Island but that wouldn’t be possible.  I couldn’t mark any good perch schools on the leeward side, so we fought a few big waves to make our way up towards the Canadian line to use Pelee Island as our wind break.  Good thing we fought our way up there to fish near some of our other Captain buddies who already had them going.  Within 2 hours of fishing we managed a 6 person limit including the Captains for 180 Yellow Perch weighing 61 pounds at Bay’s Edge Fish Cleaning.  On the way in to the dock I asked the Dad if I was able to meet their expectations, he assured me not only did I meet them we blew them out of the water. We ended our trip that day trying to cast for some Walleye on the south side of Kelley’s Island but were unable to locate any active fish.  The start to the fall fishing is on fire right now and we plan on taking full advantage of any days we have before the snow flies.  We will be out again on Tuesday searching for some more Lake Erie Gold.

We hope to see you out there

Captain Jerod