Lake Erie Fishing Report

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April 7, 2017
Lake Erie Walleye Fishing Report
April 30, 2017

Fishing Report for 4/18/17

As we left our dock at Channel Grove Marina in Marblehead Ohio the weather seemed like it was going to be a decent day of fishing.  The wind had switched to the East during the night but was forecasted to be less than 10 mph all day.  The ride to the reef complexes was a fairly smooth one once we cleared the south passage.  Once we arrived at our first stop, round reef, it showed clean water but very few marks and no boats within site.  After one drift we made a move toward Wild Wings Marina and found a large pack of boats.  After setting up on our first drift the waves were 1-3 foot with an occasional 4 footer mixed in.  We fished with purple jigs and managed to catch two throwbacks that both had good hook sets on them.  We also tried casting crank baits but couldn’t trigger any strikes.  We fished in 9-13 foot of water with a large pack of boats.  After a couple hours of fishing we had a passenger develop sea sickness and decided to call it quits and head back home.  The ride home was an interesting one that included several big waves being taken over the bow and some spraying large amounts of water over the hard top.  It was a long slow ride home and the sight of the marina channel never looked so good.  Looking forward to getting rid of these east winds that have seemed to plague every day we have been trying to fish.  We are hoping for better luck next time out.  Good luck to all those fishing.

Captain Jerod