Lake Erie Fishing Report

Lake Erie Fishing Report
May 10, 2017
Lake Erie Fishing Report May 23rd
May 28, 2017

Fishing Report for May 18th, 2017

Today’s Lake Erie Fishing Charter clients arrived early and in short time we were on our way out the channel.  As you leave Channel Grove Marina aboard the Erie Breeze you get to see a beautiful Lake Erie sunrise that peaks from the horizon to the East side of Kelley’s Island.  We were on our fishing spot within 15 minutes and were the first of about twenty boats that fished there during the day.  With a wind forecast of southwest in the 20-30 mph range it made for a great day of casting for Walleye.  We set up for the first drift in 17 feet and made our slide out to twenty-two feet of water picking up a couple quick Walleye that went into the cooler, a couple nice Lake Erie Yellow Perch and some throw back sub legal Walleyes.

As the day wore on, more boats arrived and plenty more sub legal Walleye showed how hungry they were by continually hammering our casting harnesses that we tie.  The color of harnesses that took the most fish were gold blades with gold beads, but we did take a few on orange and green beads both with gold blades.  We managed to take a couple keepers on each drift and filled the 8 hours with constant action catching Walleye, Yellow Perch and a few large Sheephead.

We were able to take fish on the shoal that is adjacent to a deep water dropoff from thirteen to twenty five feet of water, most of our fifty Walleye caught were in the fourteen to twenty inch range; we ended our day with a half dozen Lake Erie Yellow Perch and eleven Lake Erie Walleye.  As the water temps have increased back to where they were prior to the last storms, the fishing has returned to where it should have been a week ago.  These clients had a blast and have two more trips booked with us this summer, we are hoping that today’s winds decrease and we can get back into fishing for this week’s trips.  Stay tuned for more Lake Erie fishing reports.

Thank you

Captain Jerod