Lake Erie Fishing Report

Lake Erie Fishing Report May 23rd
May 28, 2017
Lake Erie Fishing Charter
June 7, 2017
Lake Erie Walleye

A nice Lake Erie Walleye

Fishing Report for May 26th

With a day off during the week an early start to a day of fun fishing started at 545 am with myself and friend Alex, who also is the first mate for Old Lakeshore Charters, setting up for some casting.  The forecast was for some high winds out of the Northwest in the 15-20 mph range created some 2-4’ waves in the open water.  It was a perfect drift wind in the south passage but the fishing was on the slow side and we were only able to take one legal fish on a bottom bouncer in 24’ of water on a gold harness.

After casting for an hour or so, the trolling gear was calling our names and we obliged.  With the waves still on the bigger side of 4’ setting up with the wind at our back was the easiest way for us to set up the big boards.  We ran two rods off both sides and you guessed it with bandits on both sides. The leads set were 60-70 back; blue chrome and pink lemonade were the colors that worked best.  The fishing action wasn’t quick for the first couple hours but was steady enough to maintain our attention.  We took fish off both sides and in the speed range of 2.3-2.6 mph all on Bandits.

We ended our day with 8 fish all in the 17-22” range, only lost 1 fish at the back of the boat that decided he was done hanging onto the bandit and was able to shake off before we could get it in the net.  We were able to put some fish into each of our freezers and enjoy Lake Erie fishing with no pressure of finding fish for clients.  The fishing is going to get better each day as the spring weather patterns give way to more stable weather that comes with Ohio’s summer weather.  Give us a call if you are looking for a Lake Erie Fishing Charter this summer.

We hope to see you out there.


Captain Jerod