Lake Erie Fishing Report

Lake Erie Fishing Charter
July 12, 2017
Lake Erie Fishing Report
August 10, 2017
28" Lake Erie Walleye

28″ Lake Erie Walleye

The fishing on Lake Erie has continued to be steady as we move into the middle of July.  We ran a trip on July 11th for a repeat client that perch fished last year but wanted try for some Lake Erie Walleye this time.  We headed east from Marblehead about 8 miles and set up to fish in front of Cedar Point Amusement Park.  Before we could get one full side out we already had a fish trip the rod and the rest of the day was pretty much the same story as we reeled in fish after fish.  We ran a program of DJ’scustomeyes Harness’s 45-75 back at speed of 2.1-2.4 on Tru-Trip 40 jets.  We ended our day with 18 including a nice 28” Walleye and a 27” Steelhead.  The kids were able to reel in fish most of the day and toughed out the attacks from the bugs and heat.

On July 13th, we ran a double with our first trip of the morning starting in the same spot we had been fishing.  The bugs were gone but the short strikes from the walleye had caused us to lose a couple fish while trying to reel them in. We ran the same program from a couple days prior but weren’t able to get the fish going as well as we had hoped.  Overall it was a great trip and the weather that was forecasted for the day didn’t show up so it was a cool comfortable morning without any storms.  After we dropped of the first group the afternoon crew was waiting for their chance to chase some Lake Erie Eyes.  The afternoon proved to be a better bite with fish hitting harder and much more frequent than they did in the morning.  It didn’t take us long to get the first limit and the fishing continued right up until it was time for the trip to be over.  The same program once again and we ended with 22 Walleye with a couple in the mid 20” range.  We managed yet another steelhead, increasing our total for the year to 3.  Both families were great and we hope to see them back again.

Saturday July 15th with a repeat client from last year for their 3rd trip this year started off a little slow as we had set up to cast in the area we had been trolling. The water clarity was a little dirty compared to the last few days as the heavy rains created some algae flows starting to drain from the Sandusky Bay into the Lake.  It took us a hour to get them going but we managed to pick away for the morning until about mid day, as the wind had died down, so did the fishing.  We made a couple moves to keep trying to find some active fish.  For the morning bite the fish were very suspended in the water column and had moved closer to the bottom as the day wore on.  This caused us to alter our fishing techniques just a little to continue catching fish.  We ended the day with 20 Lake Erie Walleye and a bunch of White Perch.  It was a great day fishing with Jon and his family.  We know we will see Jon and the rest of the guys again for some more fishing in the future.

Good luck and we hope to see you out there

Captain Jerod