Lake Erie Fishing Report

Lake Erie Fishing Report
July 16, 2017
Lake Erie Fishing Report
September 11, 2017

Fishing Report

It has been a few weeks since I have put together a report and thought it was time to get back into it.  We ran a few Lake Erie Charter fishing combo trips in the past few weeks that included Perch fishing in the morning and Walleye fishing in the afternoon.  We caught some of both species but not in any great numbers.  The Perch fishing was decent but not the hot action we saw last year at this time.  We had fished the area between Kelley’s Island and Lakeside Marblehead with some decent catches a couple of the days but no quick limits.  The lack of Emerald Shiners has made the fishing difficult for most, golden shiners which seem to becoming the norm as our only choice of bait will catch them but it’s just not the same.

On the days that we ran combo trips we managed to catch some nice Walleye by trolling and casting.  We were trolling DJ’s Customeyes worm harnesses in the deep water located northwest of Kelley’s and casting in shallow water from 7’ to 20’ using Erie Deeries and Weapons.  We also had a couple of Walleye only trips that were casting groups.  They managed to handle fishing in the rocks very well producing some nice catches for their efforts.  The Walleye seem to have been in shallow water and the adjacent drop-offs for the last few weeks.  We have been fishing around Kelley’s Island for the last few weeks as it continues to hold fish.

We have been waiting for the Perch bite to really heat up but hasn’t been consistent yet.  Some days the fishing is great and other days it is very spotty.  The best days seem to come from finding a school of fish and being patient as they come and go through the area you are fishing.  If you are using golden shiners we have been noticing that the smaller ones that are very lively seem to produce the best bite from the Yellow Perch.


Good luck and we hope to see you out there – Captain Jerod