Lake Erie Ohio Walleye Fishing Charter

Ohio Walleye Charter
May 25, 2019
Walleye Casting Charter
May 29, 2019

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Today’s Lake Erie Ohio Walleye Fishing Charter left the dock at 8 am.  We headed just a short distance north from Channel Grove Marina. The area where I set up to fish has been holding a large amount of fish for over a month, but was unfishable due to the muddy water.  The Ohio spring weather has shut down some of the most productive locations I fish; when I heard the water was clean enough to fish, I jumped on the chance.


Today’s Lake Erie Ohio Walleye fishing Charter group wanted to start out casting and see how it went before we set up to troll. They were all experienced casters but with some light winds to start our day coupled with wind changes we only managed to land 5.  All of the fish were caught with a number 4 gold blade on gold beads.  The water was still a little cold and all the fish seemed to be holding tight to the bottom.  The guys had heard how well some of my trolling friends were doing and they couldn’t resist the urge.


During a Lake Erie Ohio Walleye fishing charter I am able to switch over to trolling very quickly. As you may have read before it is a versatile way to produce fish. We switched over to trolling Michigan Stinger Spoons with Tru Trip 40 jets, before I had 2 rods set it was on.  The fishing was fast and furious as we managed to land limits very quickly. We hauled in 37 Walleye in just over 3 hours.  These guys did a great job running the gear with almost no issues on their first ever trolling trip.  The smiles on everyone’s face as we pulled gear in said it all, they were all very thankful that we could finish up our day strong.

Captain Jerod

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