Lake Erie Walleye Casting

Lake Erie Walleye Casting Charter
Lake Erie Casting Charter
June 27, 2019
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Marblehead Walleye Casting Charter
June 27, 2019
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Casting for Lake Erie Walleye

Lake Erie Walleye Casting


This is a 2 day post for a Lake Erie Walleye Casting Charter.  This group of guys comes every year for a Lake Erie Casting Charter tournament.  The tournament is held through a company they work for.  This year they wanted to fish the Friday evening prior to the tournament just to spend more time on the lake.  They booked a 2 boat evening trip and arrived early and eager to catch some Lake Erie Walleye.

The Captain who would be my second boat had already fished earlier today so we didn’t have to search hard to find some active fish for the evening bite.  It was a very easy pick of some nice eaters until our wind died off.  It had been great evening of fishing up until we lost all our wind.  The group pushed through the lull and managed 31 Walleye per boat.  It was a great sign for the following day of casting.

Day 2

Lake Erie Casting Charter tournament day and we started off in the same general area from the evening before.  Although our first drift produced a few quick fish there wasn’t a fish big enough to win the tournament.  With the weekend boat traffic starting to get crazy the fish decided to move from the shoal as they always do during high traffic times.  We moved north and a little west of the previous day.

The guys on the boat have fished with me before and there wasn’t much instruction needed for them to have a steady day of catching fish.  We used gold Erie Deeries and Harnesses, catching fish laying tight to the bottom, feeding on some of the recent bug hatches.  We didn’t win the tournament but did manage a full 7 man limit of Lake Erie Walleye for the freezer.  It was a great trip with some amazing weather for a Lake Erie Casting Charter