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July 30, 2018
Lake Erie Perch Fishing Charter
September 21, 2018

July 26th

With another new client on board we untied from the dock and headed east from Marblehead with the plan to troll for Lake Erie Walleye today.  Bill, his wife Terry, son Will and daughter Ella were naturals on the boat, with some strong south winds the location that we were fishing for the day had some waves that continued to build during our trip.  It would have been hard to tell that the seas were rough since the kids ran around the boat like one of the crew from Deadliest Catch.  These two kids weren’t even phased by the 4-6’ waves that created some difficult fishing.  It took us quite a long time to develop a program that would work for us.  We started with deep leads since there had been some pressure changes the day before and deeper leads worked in this location the last day we fished here.  However, that logic didn’t work, while networking with some other Captains we made adjustments to bring our leads from 75-95 back up to 45-65 back and the fishing improved.  It definitely was a much slower bite than the last few weeks but they day was fun and productive.  The family was looking forward to having a local restaurant cook up some of their catch for the night.  We had to make some changes during the day to our program that included switching a few rods to worm harnesses, trying a 50 Tru trip Jet and changing some colors of our spoons.  We did manage to put 22 of the 24 needed for the families limit on a tough day of fishing.  It is always a treat to be able to fish with a family that enjoys the outdoors as much as I do.  We had some steady action with short Walleye, a bonus perch and few White Bass to keep everyone reeling in fish for most of the day.  With this family being from Ohio I am hopeful that we will see them again next season.

We hope to be your Lake Erie Fishing Charter.

Captain Jerod