Lake Erie Walleye Fishing Charter

Marblehead Ohio Walleye Fishing Charters
May 24, 2018
Lake Erie Fishing
June 11, 2018

The Start of our season has been nothing short of amazing, as a highly rated Charter Captain I pride myself in creating a fun, safe and productive fishing trip for clients both new and repeats.  After meeting my new clients at the dock right on time we quickly left Channel Grove Marina and headed North East.  The weather was set to be near perfect and the fishing would mirror that as well, after a very short boat ride of less than 2 miles we couldn’t wait any longer and dropped the planer boards over the side and began setting rods.  The amount of fish in the Marblehead area is nothing short of spectacular and once again didn’t disappoint.  The crew picked up learning the system as fast as any other group and before we had 4 lines in the water we had already begun catching fish.  The spoon bite right now is fast and furious as you may have heard.  With very little traffic on the water we were able to make a very long first pass, catching the client’s limits in about 2 hours.  Along the way we were sorting some of the smaller fish and did have a few throwbacks.  Once the pack of boats grew in the area I knew the fishing would slow down as the fish moved out of the first area, we tried a little bit south of the first pass and scratched a few more fish, but once I found the fish in slightly deeper water we adjusted our leads to 60 and 65 back taking the Captain and Mates limits in less than 30 minutes.  The initial program was 40 Tru-Trip Jets set at 35-55 back at a speed of 2.1-2.4 mph but as stated during the day the fish made a slight move.  That minor adjustment to deeper water has been the trend for the season as boat traffic picks up during the day, the fish seem to slide a little bit to avoid some of the pressure.  Our best speed was 2.3 mph and at times we had doubles, triples and quads on as the fish were definitely in a feeding frenzy.  I did notice that some bug hatches were occurring and since we were fishing in the mud bottom of that area it should hold fish for the next few weeks as they begin to fill their bellies for the migration to the deeper cooler waters of the Eastern Basin.  As summer is about to start, the fishing will continue to be strong and now is the time to fill your freezers with Lake Erie Walleye.  Our weekend dates are filled for the entire summer thanks to our great numbers of repeat clients but I do have some fall weekends open and anticipate great fishing then as well.  Last year the early fall fishing was as fast as it is now, with so many of the 16”-20” fish in the ecosystem there will be many more amazing days on the water.  We look forward to providing the best Lake Erie Fishing experience to all of our clients.


Captain Jerod