Lake Erie Walleye Fishing Report

Lake Erie Fishing Report
April 19, 2017
Lake Erie Fishing Report
May 10, 2017

April is wrapping up and we are hoping that the month of May will bring some more stable weather to northern Ohio.  The fishing on Lake Erie this month has been hit or miss and mostly dependent on the weather, some big pre-spawn female walleye were caught trolling bandits and plenty of limits were taken home by anglers.  Some fishermen had great days jigging the reefs in the early and late hours of the day, while trolling has been very successful for those running the right programs.  We trolled on Friday April 28th and were done by 10 am with our limits.  I was invited to fish with some new friends from Minnesota that had come down for the week to experience what Lake Erie has to offer and she didn’t disappoint.  They are already talking about coming back this fall for a trip for some big fall Lake Erie Walleye fishing.

The program we ran on Friday was Bandits in the colors of chrome blue, khaki, and perch which are all stock colors and are available at several of the bait shops in the area.  We had varying depths covered as we started 25-40 back and took most fish on the 25-35 back sets at a speed of 1.6 mph running with the wind.  All of the fish were in the 19-24” range and were definitely in the mood to strike as they slammed the bandits running from the small offshore boards.

As May begins the water temps have continued to rise and are nearing the 60 degree mark in many places, this should trigger the casting bite that many of us have been waiting for.  This will also change the trolling program for some as they transition into spoons and worm harnesses.  We are looking forward to casting for Walleyes in the transition areas between the reefs and island areas.  We have a few weekdays open for Lake Erie Walleye fishing trips but are full on all weekends in May.  For the Month of June we have the 18th open but that is our last weekend day open.  There are a few weekdays left open and June is a great month for stable weather and active fish looking to feed heavily after the spawn and before they begin their migration to the cooler waters out east.  For up to date fishing reports follow us on the website or our social media platforms.  We also recommend you follow for many up to date reports by charter captains like us and fishermen.

As always we hope to see you out there!

Captain Jerod