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Walleye Charter on Lake Erie Ohio
Lake Erie Walleye Charter
July 22, 2018
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Marblead Ohio Walleye Fishing Charter
July 22, 2018

Lake Erie Perch fishing limits with Old Lakeshore Charters

July 16

With some new clients on board the “Erie Breeze” we set a course northwest from Marblehead, Ohio on our first Yellow Perch trip of the season. Adam booked this trip as a gift for his son Owen and Connor who had never been on a Lake Erie Charter before.  The excitement had been building for the three since around Christmas time; with not many people chasing Perch in the weeks leading up to the charter, Adam and I had discussed possibly trying for Walleye.  As the trip was just a few days away, I had a Captain friend of mine land on some pretty good Yellow Perch fishing close to our dock at Channel Grove Marina.  We set the anchor and started off fairly slow for the first hour.  We managed 8 Perch while everyone was trying to figure out the bite and learn a new way of fishing.  While we weren’t catching many in 29 feet of water, I had another friend that was just South of where we were in 27 feet of water.  He had caught 15 Yellow Perch by himself in just a short while. So I pulled the anchor and moved south ½ mile to just outside of the small pack that was forming.  Before I could get my own rod in the water everyone had pulled up a nice big perch.  Owen and Connor had smiles from ear to ear as they continued to yell “I got one” until everyone in the boat pulled in their limit of 30 Yellow perch.  We managed a full boat limit including mine of 120 perch in just a few short hours.  Thanks to some good info from a friend, today’s Lake Erie Yellow Perch Charter was a success.  We finished out our day casting for walleyes for a few hours but weren’t able to locate any with only an hour left in the trip. Adam, Owen and Connor are already making plans for next years’ Lake Erie Fishing Charter.

We hope to be your choice for Lake Erie Charter Fishing

Captain Jerod