Lakeside Marblehead Walleye Charter

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May 29, 2019
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June 27, 2019

Lakeside Marblehead Walleye Charter

Today’s Lakeside Marblehead Walleye Charter started off with some big waves.  I don’t run very many Walk on trips.  We are typically booked pretty full but since I had some interest after the last one I chose to offer another.  I let the group decide how they wanted to walleye fish and they chose casting.  The winds for the day were forecasted to be from the west and building throughout the day up to 25 mph.  Since the clarity was good close to Lakeside Marblehead, I set up our drift about 2 miles off shore.

The first stop produced nothing but a sheep head and we left pretty quickly.  I stopped at another spot where I finished yesterday’s Lakeside Marblehead Walleye Charter.  The water had just a little too much stain in it.  We managed 2 fish on bottom bouncers in that location before pulling up and moving to the northwest another mile.  I had some friends fishing in that area and they had almost caught a limit in an hour.

Marblehead Walleye Charter

We were using gold harnesses and Erie Deeries for the Marblehead Walleye Charter.  With such a strong drift wind it was easiest to let the fishing rod do the work for you and drag the bottom.  The group moved around the boat very well despite the conditions.  They did lose a few fish before we could net them.  This group did a great job in some not so great conditions for their Lakeside Marblehead Walleye Charter.  After we limited out on Lake Erie Walleye just after lunch and the decision was made to go back the the dock.  Everyone was able to stand upright instead of falling over.  I met three new people today that were a joy to fish with.  I was happy that the trip was a success and everyone limited out.  It has been a great start to our season.

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Capt Jerod Smith