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July 22, 2018
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July 22, 2018

July 17th

Leaving the dock with some strong winds in our face coming from the North West we put the bow into them and headed for the south side of Kelley’s Island with our crew.  Today’s group tried for Yellow Perch last year with me on a slow day, this year they decided Walleye would be our target on this windy day.  We set a plan to start casting for Walleyes and resort to trolling if we needed to.  On our first drift in a little hot spot on the southern shore we managed to catch a limit in short order.  It seemed as though we were going to be able to work this area for the day, however after stalling out on our 2nd and 3rd drift, we moved east to a spot that has held some fish during the last few weeks. We managed to get another 3 fish there before that spot stalled as well.  Wanting to fill the cooler and with a few of the group losing interest we switched over to trolling, this moved turned out to be a good choice both for catching fish and keeping the kids busy for the rest of the charter.  The lake was a little rough so trolling with the waves was the easiest and also produced the best catch rates. We ran Tru Trips and Michigan Spoons back 60-90 at speeds of 2.2-2.6 mph.  The fishing wasn’t as fast as it has been and these guys definitely earned the 25 Lake Erie Walleye they took home, which included a couple in the mid 20” range caught by a grandfather and his grandson.  Today’s Lake Erie Charter was a much more productive day than the one that they booked with us last year.  We have continued to deliver a quality fishing experience that is fun and productive for each group that has booked a charter on Lake Erie with us.  Being able to switch from Casting to Trolling has been a big piece of our success.  This adaptability gives us an edge on tough days that can be the difference between sending our clients home with fish or not.  We always prefer to cast but with such a good trolling bite so close to where we were it wasn’t a tough decision to make today.  Our clients were happy once again and are already planning for another trip next year.

We hope to be your choice for Lake Erie Fishing Charters

Captain Jerod