Marblehead Fishing Charter

Lake Erie Charter
October 4, 2018
Lake Erie Fishing Charter
October 4, 2018

Sept 23

At the heels of another high wind day created by yet another Hurricane, we headed east from Marblehead to our most fished spot of the season.  Today’s trip is for my Uncle Tom, who has booked a trip for his guys every year that I have been in business.  The first 2 years fishing wasn’t top notch but they had fun anyways and are always a charter I enjoy.  This year I was able to show them what Lake Erie Charter Fishing is all about, with what may be the best board of the season for me.  They knew the system from last year and with first mate Alex onboard we were punching limits at a steady pace.  We battled some rough seas in the morning that came from the Northeast. Just like every time on Lake Erie when the waves come from that direction and the wind maintains its speed the waves only get bigger as the day goes on.  We began fishing in 3-4’ waves but ended our day with 4-6’ and the occasional roller that threatened coming over the transom.  With big waves like that sometimes it is normal to lose a few fish as they come to the surface but our loss for the day was fairly minimal.  The fishing wasn’t the fastest we have seen this season and it really slowed down about the middle of the day but the size was very consistent and impressive.  We ran Michigan spoons behind Tru Trip Jets again; however our usual colors of Purples and Pinks were much slower today.  Realizing early on in the trip that our spoons with orange, greens and yellows were catching most of the fish, we made some changes that payed off big at the end of the day.  We had a great day on Lake Erie fishing for Walleyes near Marblehead Ohio aboard the Erie Breeze.

We hope to be your Lake Erie Fishing Charter

Captain Jerod