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June 12, 2018
Marblehead Ohio Fishing Charter
June 13, 2018

June 5th

Our day had the perfect conditions for a day of casting for Lake Erie Walleye, or so I thought.  We left the dock in Marblehead around 8 am since I had to work my full time job the night before, most of the Charter Captains were already out and fishing near Kelley’s Island where we had found fish on Saturday, but I thought the wind forecast would create some rough water over there so we ran up the East side of South Bass Island fishing near the monument.  We started about a mile offshore casting gold harnesses and quickly took 1 very nice sized 20” fish, but the excitement quickly faded as we were unable to do much more in that spot.  We got a call from a friend up by Ballast Island so we moved up there catching a couple more good fish but then stalled out at 1 limit.  Needing 18 more fish we decided to switch to trolling and what a good choice it was.  Running the same program of Michigan Spoons behind Tru Trip 40 Jets the Lake Erie Walleye didn’t stand a chance.  Our best leads were 40 and 45 back with the usual purple and pink spoons doing most of the damage.  In just an hour and a half we finished up the full boat limit of 24 Walleye.  The clients were repeats from last year and consisted of a son-in-law and father-in-law who are great fishermen and always look forward to getting together.  The two spent the morning poking fun at each other and having some fun completion during the trip.  I run several different dynamics in my trips as we have groups that are family, friends and coworkers but when its family the atmosphere is usually filled with laughter and constant jokes in good fun at the expense of each other.  The weather, fishing and tone for the day was great as we were able to spend another day together.  I look forward to this trip each year and enjoy catching up with these two.  The Lake Erie fishing continues to be great with a strong forecast for the entire season.


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Captain Jerod