Marblehead Ohio Casting Charter

Lakeside Marblehead Walleye Charter
Lakeside Marblehead Casting Charter
June 27, 2019
Ohio Walleye Casting Charter
June 27, 2019
Lakeside Marblehead Ohio Casting Charter

Lakeside Marblehead Ohio Walleye fishing charter

Marblehead Ohio Casting Charter

Day 1

My Chicago guys came back again for another Marblehead Ohio Casting Charter.  Last year we managed 2 great days of Walleye fishing on Lake Erie.  This year Mark brought a whole new group of guys with him.  They planned to spend 3 days on Lake Erie.  I guess he enjoyed it so much that he wanted 3 days on the water this year.  The guys had a varied mix of experience fishing and a few needed help on day 1.  We managed the crews limit on day 1 but really had to work for them as we spent the day teaching some of the newcomers to the trip.  The weather wasn’t very friendly to start their fishing trip but the forecast looked promising.

Day 2

Started off a little better since we had managed to locate an active pod of fish and we found some much better weather than we had on day 1.  The program was the same for the day, casting gold Erie Deeries and Harnesses caught all of our fish and they continued to be holding tight to the bottom in a deep water flat up on the line.  A full boat limit was achieved right towards the end of the charter and with a day of fishing hard we had a nice ride back to the dock to prepare for their last day on Lake Erie for their Marblehead Ohio Casting Charter.

Day 3

The guys arrived at the dock early and eager to finish strong for their 3 day Marblehead Ohio Casting Charter.  We had some great weather and fishing in the forecast as we ran north to the line to begin hauling in limits at a steady pace.  The group finished strong with everyone on the boat catching their limit including me once again.  The “Chicago Guys” took home 114 Walleye and almost 20 Yellow Perch for their freezers.  We had a great time and they are already setting up next years trip back.