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June 13, 2018
Lake Erie Fishing Charter
June 17, 2018

June 7 & 8

This post will contain information of a 2 day trip for some new clients out of Chicago; our new clients that booked with us back in February, have fished Lake Erie before but quickly said they had never seen fishing like this.  The group for our two day adventure included two brothers with both of their sons and their dad who was turning 82 years old on the weekend.  I was unaware that this trip would hold some special meaning to me when I booked their charter back in the winter months.  With the passing of my Grandfather just a day before their trip was to begin “Mr Frank” had some very strong resemblances to my “Paw” and that seemed to put my mind to ease.  Frank had fished all over this country and had plenty of stories to fill the days with.  I always enjoy fishing with older people and listening to the many great stories they have.  The weather forecast was great for their first day, leaving the dock it didn’t take us long to find the spot we would fish.  After clearing the channel pier we only had to run about a mile north, landing on the perfect spot we started catching immediately with “Mr. Frank” catching the first one of the day.  On our first drift we managed almost 2 limits using gold harnesses with worms, the drift line we set up on first thing was as close to perfect as it gets, we hammered fish all day finishing up just before noon with 42 Lake Erie Walleye and nice grade of 16”-20” fish.


Day 2 of the Chicago families Lake Erie fishing trip was a little slower than the previous day, but once again we were able to find the fish and load up the cooler.  Our spot from the day before didn’t have the right wind or number of fish as the day before.  It seemed as though we had caught them all or they had moved.  So with a call from a good friend and dock mate we motored North about 5 miles to a deepwater drop off adjacent to a shallow shoal.  The fishing was a little slower than the previous day but we made short order of the 42 Lake Erie Walleye in about 6 hours instead of 4 hours like the previous day.  The waves were just a little bit more but it was a very fishable day on the water.  It was easy to tell that Frank had instilled in his family the joy of fishing and they were all very good at it.  There was no need for instruction as they had pretty much caught fish on almost every cast, no tangles and no problems during the day made for a easy day for me as I was able to net fish, run bottom bouncers and talk with the family on both days.  Everyone caught their limit on both days and we were blessed with a good trip, good fishing and good weather for both days.  Once again we were able to turn new clients into repeat clients and a future trip is already in the making for next season.


We hope to be your choice for Lake Erie Charter Fishing


Captain Jerod