Marblehead Ohio Fishing Charter

Lake Erie Fishing Charter
June 25, 2018
Marblehead Fishing Charter
Marblehead Ohio Fishing Charter
July 5, 2018

June 24th

With a much more favorable wind forecast overnight and a report of fish still being in our favorite location this year, we knew before untying the boat from the dock where we would be fishing with a new group of clients today.  It was a short run from Marblehead to the south side of Kelley’s Island with a very smooth ride on the “Erie Breeze” for our new group; consisting of a father, his two sons and three of his good friends.  We knew that morning that our location would have clean water and active fish, which we could target and try to put 48 walleye in the cooler for a full boat limit.  In short order we started a nice steady pick at a comfortable pace for everyone on board.  Bill asked when he booked the trip if we could spend the day at a comfortable pace without being done too early as he wanted to spend a day on Lake Erie with his sons and friends.  He made it clear to me that limits weren’t even a concern to him, but the focus would be about having a great time on the water and if he caught fish that would be a bonus.  I had assured him on the phone in the days before the trip that we could produce both for him.  Our focus is always on the client’s needs first and fishing second, we want you to enjoy your experience and come back for another trip.  His sons spent the day going back and forth about who caught the bigger fish and who caught the most Sheephead, while it was clear to everyone on the boat that Nate the youngest son would take home the trophy for most species caught, his brother James landed the bigger Walleye.  This is surely a battle that will continue on our next trip with these guys; both did a fantastic job, learned the trolling system very quickly and performed flawlessly on the boat.  The program is the same as it has been for the entire season in this area with spoons and jet divers.  We did manage to try a 50 Jet with a Flicker Minnow size 7 that produced a few really nice fish holding tight to the bottom.  Two of the guys; Ron and Whitey said from the beginning that they were just along for the ride because they had their own boat that has been helping them fill their freezers all spring.  They were experienced anglers that fish around the Lorain area and it was nice chatting about fishing with them during the trip.  They were very interested in the trolling system since they normally just cast for Walleye, they were a big help on board and reeled in a couple of really nice Walleye to add to each of their limits.  Everyone on board was able to catch their limit of 6 Walleye per person and we had very little junk fish today.  It was a great day on Lake Erie talking about all the years everyone in the group had fishing and where they had spent time in the outdoors.  Groups like these guys make my days on the water very easy and enjoyable.  We ended our day with 48 Lake Erie Walleye for their fishing charter just as the wind decided it wanted to pick up once again.  The ride back to Marblehead wasn’t as smooth as the morning run, but with a 30’ Sportcraft boat everyone was comfortable as we ran back to the dock.  The fishing has been nothing short of phenomenal in this area with a nice grade of walleye going home with all of our clients.  We are looking forward to a few days off this week to spend time with family but will be back out there in no time at all.

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Captain Jerod