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Marblehead Fishing Charters
June 25, 2018
Lake Erie Fishing Charter
June 25, 2018

June 21st

We chose to leave Marblehead a little earlier than our usual time of 7 a.m. and headed east of the Kelley’s Island Ferry lanes to start our morning.  The day was forecasted to be light winds and clear skies, perfect for our plan to troll in the area for Walleye.  The area we would be fishing is a mud flat that had just produced a large Mayfly hatch at the usual time of the year.  This can cause the fishing to be slow sometimes on Lake Erie but with so many fish in the ecosystem right now it hasn’t caused any changes to the fast fishing we were seeing in the slightest bit.  The fish in the area had been on the skinnier side as the amount of food wasn’t correlating to the massive amount of fish in the area.  If you have been following our reports you know that we have been fishing this area for the last several weeks and have plans to continue focusing on this location as long it keeps producing fish.  The group was a bunch of firefighters from Elyria which included my friend Chuck.  He has fished with us many times both on charters and for fun.  He is a great fisherman and always a big help when trolling because he knows the system as good as anyone.  He is beginning the process of becoming a Lake Erie Charter Captain as well so I always enjoy passing on the knowledge to him that so many others have done for me.  It took almost no time at all to have rods in the water and someone shouting “Fish On”.  The amazing fishing cannot be described in this short article.  We only needed 36 total Walleye to haul in the full boats limit, and by 830 am we already had 27 in the cooler with very little effort and as many as six fish on at once.   The crew caught on to how the system needs to be ran very quickly as expected from firefighters, we are taught very early to pay attention to directions and learn quickly, these guys were no exception to that and  my day was a very easy one.  Once we were only 9 away from a full limit they asked if we could sort for the bigger fish that we had already been catching. So for our last 9 we set a minimum size of 18”, and even with that we were done by 10 am.  The program was set up for 34 feet of Water with no one around us we had the whole area to ourselves, Tru-Trips and Michigan Spoons 25-45 back with a speed of 2.4 mph was the ticket for the day as we managed a full boat limit of Lake Erie Walleye for this groups fishing charter.  The fishing around Marblehead and Kelley’s Island has been very good to us as our season has been underway since May.  Thank you for following our Lake Erie Fishing Reports.

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Captain Jerod