Marblehead Ohio Walleye Fishing Charters

Lake Erie Fishing Charter
May 23, 2018
Lake Erie Walleye Fishing Charter
May 29, 2018

Today’s group is from my hometown and I have known the family for several years but they haven’t fished with me before so as always with first time clients the expectation level to produce was high.  Since we had limited out the day before up North we made our way back up first thing in the morning on Lake Erie for today’s Charter.  The winds from Friday still left the Lake a little tore up and a heavy fog with light rain met us as we left Channel Grove Marina.  The waves were 2’ or less so travel up to North Bass was a fairly smooth ride, as we arrived and set up to fish the marks on the screen were less than the day before and we were only able to land a couple Walleye.  Luckily we received a call from a friend that found some very active fish back close to home.  The gear was quickly picked up and we ran back 8 miles closer to mainland, a game plan was set up to quickly set our gear and start catching some of the remaining fish we needed to limit out.  The crew was new to the trolling game but everyone was given a task and I was thoroughly impressed with the efficiency and speed at which we were fishing again.  With help from the guys fishing in the area we set our heading and ran our Tru-Trips back 40-50 at 2.1-2.4 mph with pinks and purples being the hot colors once again.  As we made our way East the fish starting coming in at a steady pace for the next few hours, it was a steady pick and we approached our target number of 36.  Once we got to 20 it seemed that taking home everyone’s limit may not happen.  The fishing seemed to just shut off but a few guys figure out that adjusting our leads to 65 back would prove it hard to keep a rod in the water in one special spot.  With that little bit of help we were able to box a complete customer limit plus one for the Captain as we started cleaning up the gear.  All in all it was a great day, great clients and some good fishing. We are back at it again on Friday and looking for some more fast Lake Erie Fishing action for our Charters.