Marblehead Walleye Fishing Charter

Marblehead Fishing Charter
Marblehead Ohio Fishing Charter
July 5, 2018
Marblehead Fishing Charter
Marblehead Fishing Charter
July 22, 2018

Lake Erie Walleye Charter out of Marblehead

June 30th

The Marblehead Ohio weather forecast was calling for an even hotter day today, if you read the fishing report we posted for yesterday on Lake Erie you know that it was a scorcher on the water.  The benefit of having a crew that can adapt is that we were able to leave the dock promptly at 6 am with a nice steady breeze at our backs on the way out of the channel.  The plan for today’s crew was to start casting and troll if needed.  Jon who is the one that scheduled the trip is a longtime client of mine that fishes with us a handful of times each year.  He brought with him the same group of guys that fished last fall over by Cedar Point beach in Sandusky.  The fishing last fall was nothing short of stellar so the pressure was on to deliver once again.  We set up to cast on the SE corner of Kelley’s once again that has been one of our best spots for the season.  We managed a quick couple on the first drift, but just as it was the day before, fishing slowed way down.  We had 8 fish when we heard of a good bite not that far away from our spot, so we made the choice to pack it up, make a 6 mile run and set out our trolling gear.  We worked a pod of fish with some friends from the marina that already had a program working of spoons on tru trip 40 jets at 55-75 back.  The action was very steady as we started to put limits of fish in the cooler for Jon and his friends.  We made our way from 8 fish up to 20 fairly quickly when it seemed that the fishing slowed down once again.  The bugs picked up including the biting flies and midges to a point where you would inhale them if you took a deep breath in.  We pushed further East and that was the best move we could have made because we ended the day with 39 Lake Erie Walleye for their charter.  We managed two Fish Ohio Walleye with Mike catching both, he managed one on a 50 Jet run off the side of the boat and the other on a 40 Jet off the main board line.  Our best lead length on the 40 jets was 65 back and the 50 jets also at 65 back, during the lull as we moved east we also picked our speed up to 2.6-2.8 mph. Those subtle changes were all it took to keep fishing coming into the boat and that kept the crew busy enough to not focus on the heat and bugs.  With fishing as good as it was Jon booked another day this fall, we couldn’t be more excited because we always enjoy fishing with him and whoever he brings.  What a great season it’s been and with no end in sight we are looking forward to the next charter trip on Lake Erie.

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Captain Jerod