Marblehead Walleye Fishing Charter

Lake Erie Yellow Perch Charter
September 21, 2018
Marblehead Walleye Fishing Charter
October 4, 2018

August 4th

Today’s group is a mix of repeat clients from last season, most of the group fished with me on a July Lake Erie Walleye trip, and added a few new ones to this group.  With a forecast of warmer temps we all decided that leaving the dock in Marblehead around 630 a.m.  After leaving the channel we headed east about 8 miles to a spot that we have been working for Walleye pretty heavily for the last few weeks.  At times this location has produced some great fish and in short order.  The amount of bait that I marked while fishing today has been the key for why these fish continue to stay in the area.  As we arrived there was already a few friends fishing the location and we set our gear south of the small pack that was forming.  The wind was light and the bugs were heavy during the first hour of the charter.  Even with the bugs causing a few some discomfort the crew remembered the trolling system and ran it flawlessly.  I had First Mate Alex with me today and when we are both on the boat together the day is usually filled with great fishing and very few problems.

We started the program with 65/75 on one side and 80/90 on the other side with a program of spoons at 2.5-2.7 mph.  We have done so well with Michigan Stinger Spoons Purple Demon this year we decided to try running about half of our spoons in this color scheme.  It proved to be a wise choice and we took an easy limit on the first pass and the cooler was quickly filling up by the time we made our second pass.  With only having to make a few turns during the Charter we had all the clients’ fish by 1230 with minimal effort and just taking our time.  We tried running dipsy’s at 67-73 back with spoons but only managed 1 fish.  We changed out our Dipsy’s for the reliable 50 Tru Trip Jets set on the corners at 65 back which produced almost 2 limits alone off the two rods.  The Tru Trip 50 jets have been so successful for us when we use them forward of the tow line and running tight to the boat.  When I run Tru Trip Jets on the “Erie Breeze” they are always all black.  I like the uniformity of having one color of Jet and they have produced Walleye for us on every trip with big success on most Charters.  The spoon color Purple demon with a pink back has been our best producer on every trip this season.  Today we added a few of the UV versions and they also produced fish after fish.  We did notice as the day began to get hot the fish moved a little deeper and some adjustments were made to keep our baits in the strike zone.  Once we had the clients and first mates limit of 42 fish the group decided they had enough fish and were getting hot.  I informed them that we only needed 6 more fish to reach a full boat limit, but they said they had enough and were more than happy with the day.  So we decided to start a slow pick up of our gear, a surprise was waiting for the clients as they began helping with the cleanup we managed another 4 Lake Erie Walleye to run our tally up to 46.  We fell 2 shy of the full boat limit of 48 fish but the guys wanted to head in an hour early so they could get back on the road and head home.  Another great Lake Erie Walleye Charter with clients already trying to book their dates for next season.

We hope to be your Lake Erie Fishing Charter

Captain Jerod