Marblehead Walleye Fishing Charter

Marblehead Ohio Fishing Charter
June 12, 2018
Lake Erie Fishing Charters
June 12, 2018

The wind had decided to pick up and blow from the North East once again for what seems to be becoming the normal for the season.  This direction of wind always creates some rough water, but with that choppy water seems to turn the Walleye bite from good to great.  Today would be no exception; today’s charter is the Dickman Group casting tournament and we had the same crew as last year.  After fishing with the guys last year and having a great day they requested I come back and be their Charter Captain for the tournament this year.  These guys know how to fish and it’s always a very relaxing day on the water for me.  We made a run from East Harbor to West Harbor in the dark and remembered again how thankful we are that we dock at Channel Grove Marina.  We are spoiled with a very short ride from the dock to the Lake in a short run up the channel, West Harbor doesn’t have that luxury and the ride seems more like a train with the boats all lined up and itching to get out as fast as possible.  After greeting the crew and catching up on the ride out we powered up and pushed through some waves that looked like they would keep building as the day wore on increasing to 3-5 footers with the occasional swell.  We made our way North East toward Kelley’s Island for the protection and good number of fish that have been stacked up there.  The day started fast and furious with a limit of keeper sized Walleye in about 10 minutes.  We continued catching and sorting smaller fish for about an hour before deciding we wanted to check a couple spots to see if we could find a few bigger fish.  After poking around a few spots on the South side of Kelley’s Island we were unable to find the size of fish we were looking for.  So we decided to come back to the first spot we checked since it held some high numbers of fish.  We spent the day throwing back legal size fished as we set our own slot limit size of 17” or better.  Once we got to within 3 of the full boat limit we decided to check a few more spots on the way to check in.  The day was filled with about 80 plus legal sized fish and if we weren’t fishing in a tournament we would have obtained a full boat limit by 930 am I am very certain of that.  We casted gold harnesses tipped with a full night crawler and pulled fish from all parts of the water column.  While we didn’t win the tournament it was another incredible day of fishing on Lake Erie.  The Marblehead area has continued to hold a decent grade of Walleye for the last month with no end in sight.  This has been an incredible to start to our season and with a full schedule we are looking forward to seeing all of our repeat clients.

Good luck and we hope to see you out there

Captain Jerod