Ohio Lake Erie Walleye Charter

Walleye Casting Charter
May 29, 2019
Lakeside Marblehead Walleye Charter
June 8, 2019

Ohio Lake Erie Walleye Charter

With such a great casting bite the day before, I suggested that we start out the day casting for his Ohio Lake Erie Walleye Charter. Rob is a friend of mine that handles all of my website and marketing for the business.  Every year I try for at least one Ohio Lake Erie Walleye Charter to thank him for all he does.  He brought with him his dad and step dad whom are both Ohio Lake Erie Walleye Charter Captains.  So I knew the day would be a very relaxing day on the water for me.  The wind forecast was perfect for the area I wanted to fish and we started catching pretty quickly.  Rob’s son and his friend did an awesome job casting for quite a few walleye but then as most kids do they started to lose interest.

The Switch

Once again the trolling bite in the area was on fire and the boys who had fished with me before trolling wanted to switch over to trolling. We had already caught 13 casting and I am very confident we could have all caught our limits casting.  However it was more about keeping the kids active and interested in fishing.  I made the switch over to start trolling and just like the other day it was fast and furious.

Controlled chaos

Joe and Todd who are Robs Dad and Stepdad, were such a big help and I cannot thank them enough for all their help today.  They handled the back of the boat with ease.  The high winds and heavy boat traffic made it necessary for me to be at the wheel.  I wanted to give them a relaxing day but instead they worked their tails off.  We finished our 42 Walleye limit in just under 3 hours trolling Michigan Stinger Spoons. Ohio Lake Erie Walleye Charter fishing  action is on fire right now.

The boys were running around the boat with pure excitement every time a fish was on.  They reeled in fish until their forearms were sore and I’m certain they slept the entire ride home.  It was a great day with my friend and his family ontheir Ohio Walleye Fishing Charter.  If you are looking for any web design or Marketing I suggest you contact Rob at Crabtree Marketing so he can take you to the next level.

Thank you

Capt Jerod