Ohio Walleye Casting Charter

Marblehead Ohio Casting Charter
June 27, 2019

Ohio Walleye Casting Charter


An Ohio Walleye Casting Charter for a repeat customer of ours that books a trip with us each year.  The group showed up bright and early a day after some big North East winds the day before.  There was some residual slop left in the water as we pushed north right back up to the line north of Kelley’s Island.  The first drift showed some promise for the day as we hauled in limits at a steady pace.

I had Alex on board today as a first mate for the Ohio Walleye Casting Charter.  He is always a joy to fish with and every client enjoys his help when the fishing is tough.  Today the fishing was far from tough with an experienced crew like these guys.  Since no one in the group needed any help to catch fish Alex and I spent the day relaxing fishing alongside the guys.

Ohio Walleye Casting

It was an easy day to catch a full 8 man limit on gold.  The reports have started to all look similar because the area we have been fishing has been so productive for weeks.  There is no need to try a different location.  If you follow my reports you already know that I prefer to use gold with any Erie Deeries or Harnesses.  It has been such a consistent producer of Lake Erie Walleye both in the good eater size class and trophy walleye as well.  The gold color seems to work best in clean water but it will also catch fish in slightly stained water as well.

It is a staple for all of my Walleye Casting charters and I rarely switch to any other color.  I prefer a size 4 blade with the same size beads.  This matches the mayfly hatch in both size and presentation which I attribute the success of the harness to.  It has been a great start to the season and I am looking forward to what lies ahead.