The Health of Lake Erie

Lake Erie Fishing Report
March 8, 2017
Lake Erie Walleye Fishing Charter
March 24, 2017

This weeks cold spell has us trapped inside finishing up pre-season prep and researching Lake Erie health.  As the new administration of the United States starts its process of presenting budgets, some concerning cuts to the EPA and its partnering organizations have been suggested.  As described in Federal Funding Cuts   We may see some programs cut that could have catastrophic effects on the overall ecosystem of Lake Erie.  This reduction in funding may limit the research and improvements that have already been made or could be made in the future.


The Ohio Sea Grant provides research to harmful invasive species, clean marinas initiative, and harmful Algae Blooms (HAB’S). These are all areas of concern to fishermen, outdoorsmen, and the health and well being of the public.  Outdoor activities that utilize Lake Erie as a draw to tourism such as Lake Erie Charter fishing, recreational boating, and island area attractions depend on a healthy ecosystem for Lake Erie.  Several programs have benefited through the research provided by organizations and individuals but federal funding to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).   If you are unaware of the benefits these organizations such as Ohio Sea Grant provide for the overall health of Lake Erie check out their website Ohio Sea Grant

What we are doing

We have taken steps to reduce any trash or fishing line that may inadvertently enter the water.  We also prevent fuel or oil leakage by maintaining a quality maintenance program on our vessel.  We are also participating in the Citizen-Science Project with Researcher Nieman and The Ohio State University.  This project focuses on the vision of Lake Erie Walleye during a HAB and how it correlates to their feeding habits.

We hope to see you on one of our charter trips this season so we can share information with you and enjoy the great resource that is Lake Erie

Captain Jerod