Walleye Casting Charter

Lake Erie Ohio Walleye Fishing Charter
May 28, 2019
Ohio Lake Erie Walleye Charter
May 29, 2019

Evening phone call

I always call the night before to go over any last minute details for Walleye casting charters. This lets me find out the expectations of clients.  I suggested we troll based on the day we had Walleye casting.  The Captains that trolled today had a very productive day and I thought that was our best effort for Walleye, however he informed me that they wanted to cast for their walleye.  Jon said not to worry that they would be able to catch fish casting.  I thought that he was crazy, but trusted my good friend, because I know they are all very good casters.

Casting for Walleye

I set up the first drift 2 mile north of the marina and within 2 minutes, I heard someone holler “Fish On”.  We took 6 on their walleye casting charter on the very first drift.  Gold harnesses dragging right on the bottom was the hot ticket on that first drift.  As more fish continued to fill up the cooler we kept the same method for casting but also added several bottom bouncers off the backside of the boat.  The bottom bouncers would produce almost half of our boat limit with gold harnesses and placing them under the boat.  This method allows for the guys to cast off the windward side of the boat on Walleye Casting Charters.  We can run up to 5 bottom bouncers under the boat and with a trained crew manage them all.

We finished the day with a full 8 man limit of Walleye just after lunch.  It was one of the most relaxing days of the season for me with some decent weather and some very hot fishing.  The Walleye Casting Charter part of my schedule is about to take off for the summer.  I look forward to every Walleye Charter but especially love casting for them.

Thank you for reading my reports.

Captain Jerod

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