Lake Erie Fishing Charter

Lake Erie Fishing Charter Report
June 26, 2017
Lake Erie Fishing Charter
July 12, 2017
Lake Erie Walleye Fishing Charter

Lake Erie Fishing Charter


Fishing Report for July 2nd

Our trip started with a delay due to one of the clients getting pulled over on their way to the marina by a police officer while driving through a town close by.  We had about a 30 minute delay in leaving but it was a nice ride to where we were fishing. After a 15 mile run from Marblehead, Ohio; which has been the furthest we have gone yet this year to find fish, we arrived at a place we had fished the day before. This group wanted to cast for Lake Erie Walleye on their charter so we started with that.  The wind was coming from the South West at 10 mph which made for a calm day on the lake but as much movement in our drift as I had hoped. We took a couple nice walleye on the first drift and threw back a handful.  We reset on the drift line and the wind died to nothing.  We managed to pull a few more casting but quickly made a choice to switch to trolling.  As we switched over the gear to trolling, the clients kept fishing and managed to get our tally to 5 in the box from casting gold, green and orange mayfly rigs.

It was about 1030 am before we had set the first line out which quickly tripped from the big board and made its way right into the fish cooler.  We ran DJ’s Customeyes Lures trolling harness’s in a variety of colors from pinks, greens, gold and orange.  The day was filled with a steady pick of good quality Lake Erie Walleye and not many junk fish or shorts.  The clients had expressed how much they enjoyed learning how to set gear, net the fish and run the intricate system of trolling.  They were pro’s by the end of it which made for a relaxing afternoon for me as I pretty much just drove the boat.  All our fish were taken on Tru-Trip 40 Jets set at 90-100 back at 2.1-2.4 mph.  The switch from casting to trolling is a technique we will use if the casting bite just doesn’t seem like it will be the best choice for the day, after 20-30 minutes we can be running 12 lines and catching fish shortly after transitioning.  We ended our day with 26 Walleye with a nice mix of 16”-22” fish.  We never found the big ones that seemed to be in the area the day before but had fun filling the cooler and teaching new clients what Lake Erie Charter Fishing is all about to us.


We hope to see you out there and good luck

Captain Jerod