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Lake Erie Fishing Charter
June 17, 2018
Marblehead Ohio Fishing Charter
Lake Erie Fishing Charter
June 25, 2018
Lake Erie Walleye Charter

A nice trip out of Marblehead Ohio

June 12th

Today’s group is from Englefield Oil Company and consisted of a few experienced and a few new fisherman on Lake Erie.  They booked with me because they were looking for a casting trip and we always prefer to cast if possible.  Weather and wave conditions were perfect for what we needed to have a good day of casting, but with the high winds from the last two days it seemed the Walleye had lockjaw on Lake Erie today.  After a few hours and several spots casting Erie Deerie’s and worm harnesses we had only pulled 3 fish.  Some of the guys were a little hesitant to switch over to trolling, so we casted for a little while longer.  The Sheephead were very thick and a few big catfish thrown into the mix were the final push needed for these new clients to throw in the towel.  Since I didn’t have my first mate the switch over to trolling was a little slower but we took our time and began the setup.  As it has been all season long, before you are able to get a couple rods in the water, the sounding of “Fish On” rang out among the crew.  With only 3 rods fishing we were knocked down to two.  As we started to fill up the cooler with Walleye the crew learned the system fairly quickly and that always helps to be able to catch fish at a steady rate.  I continued to let them know the importance of letting the fish go to the back center.  When customers don’t allow for the tripped line with the fish on it to go back center, the rod with the fish will tangle into the others and slow fishing down to a stop.  It takes so much time to untangle the mess that inevitably comes with reeling in too soon, we are constantly preaching about waiting to reel until we tell you to.  We started our trolling program with three fish in the box, quickly catching fish on 45 and 55 leads, the Michigan Stinger spoons and Tru Trips has been the program for months now at speeds of 2.1-2.5mph.  The customers did a great job learning the trolling system but there is always a learning curve and they probably lost two dozen fish either in trying to pop the line from clips, allowing slack in the line, improper rod angle and a few that just came unhooked.  They did a great job and worked very hard for their 5 man limit and 3 of my fish, we ended the day with 33 Walleye and at the end of the day we headed south towards Marblehead, Ohio after spending a great day on Lake Erie fishing.  The trolling bite continues to be about as fast as you want to go, casting has been very good most days but after a big storm it seems to shut the bite down for a few days.  Once stable weather returns the casting should be right back to where it was at the beginning of the month.  The fish are no longer stacked thick in the South Passage like they were at the beginning of the month so longer runs have been the normal routine.


We hope to be your choice for Lake Erie Charter Fishing

Captain Jerod