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Marblehead Ohio Fishing Charter
June 13, 2018
Lake Erie Fishing Charter
June 17, 2018

June 10th

On the leading edge of a front that was moving into Ohio from the West we left Marblehead and headed out for the Michigan guys Lake Erie Fishing Charter.  The front was being slowed down by some big winds from the North East; with winds predicted to increase throughout the day. We made our push to the protected side of Kelley’s Island to start casting where we experienced some decent marks and some protection from the wind.  We managed to pick up a couple of fish there but action was very slow and we got a call from our good friend Capt Bruce that docks next to us in Marblehead, when he said come all the way up to Gull Island the fishing is fast and furious we couldn’t get there quick enough.

We battled our way up there with the rest of the fleet; the waves weren’t too bad at that point and were in the 2-4’ range but quickly started building into the 3-5’ waves that make moving around the boat a little bit more calculated.  The crew was able to tolerate the waves though because of the good fishing, also these guys have been with us before and have sea legs that allowed them to be successful.  The shoal had a contour line on the west end that seemed to be the only place we could consistently catch fish during most of the trip.  As the wind and waves picked up the fish started to move north towards Middle Island for some protection.  Since that Island is in Canadian Territory we could only get close enough to use it as a little wind block.  We caught most fish on gold casting harnesses tipped with night crawlers and the bottom was the best part of the water column.  The bottom bouncers weren’t as good for us as they had been on Thursday and Friday’s trip.  This group went out with me last year and we caught a ton of fish but most were not legal size, so it was nice to catch some good eating size fish with a couple 22” fish thrown into the cooler.  The sheephead were very thick in a few places and we had to adjust a few drifts so that we could dodge them.  The action was constant with Walleye coming into the boat on almost every cast from someone.  These guys are great clients and friends that I look forward to fishing with every year and they have already secured their date for the 2019 season.  Lake Erie’s Walleye fishing is second to none and if you haven’t experienced this you should plan your vacation now.

We hope to be your choice for Lake Erie Charter Fishing

Captain Jerod