Marblehead Fishing Charter

Marblehead Ohio Walleye Charter
Marblehead Walleye Fishing Charter
July 5, 2018
Walleye Charter on Lake Erie Ohio
Lake Erie Walleye Charter
July 22, 2018

Walleye fishing on Lake Erie out of Marblehead OH

July 9th

Well after taking a week off from fishing to spend some much needed time with my family we set back out after some more Lake Erie Walleye.  Today’s group are repeat clients of mine, they are fun to fish with and caught on quickly during this charter.  Last year they booked a half day  Yellow Perch Charter and we absolutely crushed them last year at this time, with Perch reports very sparse this year, they chose to try their hand at some Walleye fishing.  With steady action trolling for them in the deep water adjacent to Kelley’s Island, we set our compass heading and made a 12 mile run to where we would be setting up for the day.  With the forecast of not much wind and some heat building throughout the day we knew that trolling would be the best option for producing a cooler full of fish.  The area we had been fishing close to Marblehead hasn’t had a lot of reports after a rough weekend of big winds.  The area that we would be fishing was found by some friends of ours that did a scouting mission the week before based off of last years’ records at this time.  The migration of fish from west to east during the summer is fairly predictable each year but does vary slightly based on food and water clarity.

We set the boards and before all of our lines were set out we already were shouting fish on, the group has some very experienced fishermen and a few younger fishermen that are knowledgeable and very eager to learn new tactics.  This family is no doubt a group that I enjoy fishing with and look forward to their trip every year.  The system that I use for trolling isn’t an easy one to learn, due to the many different tasks that need to be completed to have a productive day.  Nonetheless these guys were pro’s in short order and gave me a stress free day with no tangles, no lost fish and plenty of laughs during our trip.  It did take us all day to get our limit, the fish seemed to be very spread out but we didn’t mind since we had nowhere to be.  The program is the same one that we have run for months now, Michigan Stinger Spoons ran behind Tru Trip 40 Jets. Some of our best colors have been; Purple Demon, Pooh Bear Purple, Jagerbomb and Watermelon.  Our speed was increased today to 2.6-2.8 mph, which seemed to produce a faster catch rate for us.  We ended the day with our 36 Lake Erie Walleye and 1 bonus Yellow Perch for their charter today.  After we cleaned up all of the gear and threw back a couple fish we made our way back towards Marblehead to escape the heat and bugs.

We hope to be your choice for Lake Erie Charter Fishing

Captain Jerod