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July 22, 2018
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July 30, 2018

Lake Erie Walleye caught near Marblehead Ohio

July 18th

Another windy day forecasted with strong winds in the morning out of the North East but calming throughout the day.  Again we had another group of repeat clients, today’s group had a Yellow Perch trip scheduled with me last year, but with the fishing tough for perch at the time I suggested that they cast for Walleye instead.  They were happy with that trip last season because I was honest with them and we caught a ton of fish in just a few short hours.  They had today’s trip booked for several months and have become friends who I talk to frequently.  With the excitement building we decided the night before to try casting for Lake Erie Walleye.  We had plenty of drift wind but after fishing several spots and only producing 1 Lake Erie Walleye, we decided to make the switch.  I had received a call from a friend letting me know that they had a good program going in a spot that we had fished the day before.  As we arrived to the fishing grounds our friend had given us a very detailed set up plan.  We ran our same program of Tru Trip 40 Jets and Michigan Spoons.  The lead lengths were deeper than yesterday’s setup; 85-105 back was our starting point but after noticing that the deeper leads were our best producers we dropped everything to 90-115 back.  These guys picked up the system very quickly which always allows me to add a few extra rods besides the 6 I run off the big boards.  I prefer to run the 50 Jets but we only took 1 fish on them.  So I decided to try a dipsy diver Magnum on a 3 setting off the port side with a spoon at 65 back, almost as soon as it was set a fish was hooked.  So I placed another one on the starboard side and combined they had produced a few bonus fish.  The hot color spoon of the day was Purple Demon, but anything that was purple or pink caught fish.  The green colored spoons were sheephead and white bass attractors today so they were removed from the program for another day.  We ended the day with 32 of the 36 needed for the clients limit on what started as the slowest day of the year for me.  This crew never questioned me during the day and continued to have faith in me that I would produce for them.  It was a great day with some good laughs and steady action once we got a program figured out.  This season has been one for the record books and it is because of our clients like these guys and the rest of them that have made it so great.

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Captain Jerod Smith