Lake Erie Fishing Charter

Marblehead Ohio Walleye Fishing Charters
June 25, 2018
Marblehead Ohio Fishing Charter
June 25, 2018

June 23rd

Once again we headed out into some rough weather on Lake Erie, this year it seems that we just can’t seem to avoid the wind.  With the winds stirring up the mud close to Marblehead we had to head north again.  We ended up traveling about 14 miles to find clean water up by the Canadian line.  Thanks to a couple friends that had already found good water and active fish we spent the time running to set up with them.  We had planned to leave the dock at 8 a.m. but our client was running late and we had to get her father in the boat and set up in his wheelchair.  This trip has been in the making for over a year and weather continued to cancel those previously scheduled charters.  So as we left the dock around 9 a.m. we didn’t make it to the fishing grounds until about 10.  Once we set the path to troll, a couple of the passengers began to get sea sick and had vomited over the side multiple times each.  The waves were only about 4’ but plenty of slop was carried over from the wind the night before.  The conditions created a bathtub effect of waves coming in from all different directions.  This can cause people who have never been on Lake Erie some problems which is why we always recommend Dramamine the night before and again before departing the dock.  Alex and I began to set gear and deploy a few lines as we started to train a few of the crew that were able to help set gear.  We ran a program that was working for the other charter captains out there, Tru-Trip 40 Jets and Spoons 45-65 back at 2.1-2.6 mph produced 17 nice size Walleye for the group before finally throwing in the towel after the two women that started vomiting over 3 hours ago.  I felt horrible for the two women since they spent most of the trip miserable with no relief at all.  Even though it was a very tough day, we managed almost three limits and the ones that weren’t sick did a great job setting gear and catching fish.  The trip was scheduled by Mary and was for her father as he has always wanted to go on a Lake Erie Fishing Charter.  He did a great job and reeled in his limit of fish with just a little help from Alex or Myself holding the rod since he was having a hard time.  He said he had a great time and was a very tough veteran of the Air Force in some less than ideal conditions on Lake Erie.

We hope to be your choice for Lake Erie Charter Fishing

Captain Jerod