Lake Erie Perch Fishing Charter

Lake Erie Walleye Charter
July 30, 2018
Lake Erie Yellow Perch Charter
September 21, 2018

July 27th

The group for the day is another repeat from last season, Don and Roger brought their two grandsons last year for a Lake Erie Perch Fishing Charter, and they were hooked after (Pun Intended).  Don called me about 2 months ago to set up this charter which would also include Scott, the two boy’s father.  The weather forecast couldn’t be any better for the Marblehead Area and we left the dock a little late due to a faulty outlet and alarm not going off in the hotel.  It didn’t matter too much since the bite was best around 10 today anyway.  The ride to the fishing grounds was a smooth one with almost no traffic on the way to our spot.  The area we had been fishing for Perch was closer to Perry’s Monument on South Bass Island but some reports from yesterday indicated those fish had moved to this new spot.  Setting the anchor on top of some pretty big schools of fish we started catching a few pretty quickly.  We got to about 15 fish and the bite slowed and so did the enthusiasm for the two boys, which is pretty common in kids on fishing trips.  It took some creativity to keep them fishing but as their dad and grandpa began catching fish again they jumped right back into it.  We could only get Golden Shiner and Frozen Emeralds today and I think that is why the fishing was a little slower than normal.  The bite was a very soft one and several strikes were missed by everyone including myself as I tried to maintain 2 fishing rods.  When the action is fast paced I stick to just running the one rod but during a slow bite I maintain the two rods so that we always have some bait at the bottom to attract the schools of Perch.  The quality today and this season has been nothing short of phenomenal for Lake Erie Yellow Perch.  We ended our day with 80 Perch and spent a great day on Lake Erie with our clients.  Perch fishing is always a relaxing time with more of a focus on being able to talk and not run around the boat like I do when we Walleye fish.  The entire group caught fish, baited hooks and took off their own fish which always makes for a fun relaxing day of just fishing for me.  Thanks to Don and his family for booking with us once again.

We hope to be your choice for Lake Erie Charter Fishing

Captain Jerod